Employee Relocation

In today’s global economy, the need for agencies equipped to relocate employees has soared. D&R has recognized this growing demand and has devised a department to specifically deal with your employee relocation needs.

At D&R, our representative will work with your business to developed a customized program that meets the needs of your companies transferees and your relocation budget.

Understanding your businesses need for prompt and accurate information during travel time, D&R has set up a response system so that you, our D&R agent, the driver, and your transferee are always in-touch.

Personal Service Coordinator

A personal service coordinator will be assigned to your company and assist your employee through the entire move. We will be there for:

Individual Move Planning

We can coordinate the move directly with the employee to be sure their needs are met. We feel that the more person to person contact we have the less likely the employee will be confronted with last minute surprises.

Automated Tracking

Monitoring shipments is easy and immediate.

Pre-move Information

Our representative will provide your employee with everything they need to know about their move. We can also provide country orientation and customs requirements for overseas moves. An employee packet can be tailored to include your company's relocation policies.

Shipment Reporting

We can design custom reports via the internet to communicate shipment status, putting the information at your fingertips.