Furniture Protection

At D&R, impeccable service is our number one priority.

The right materials.

Did you know that stains are the number one cause of damage to sofas and other upholstered furniture. In response to the problem, we developed our new stretch-wrap program. It ensures soil-free moves for overstuffed furniture, virtually eliminating claims in this area. We have perfected its use in safeguarding overstuffed furniture. The stretch wrap we use is made to our exact specifications, is extremely tough and durable, and has incredible “elasticity.”

The right training.

The training for our employees is as tough as the job itself. As part of their training, our people are taught step by step how to properly wrap couches and chairs. Our movers and packers in Chicago can save you time, trouble and even money. No under packed boxes or wasted space. For those one-of-a-kind items needing special care and attention, we can construct custom containers.

The right standards.

You can count on D&R moving for a consistently high level of protection. Combining the right materials with the right training insure delivery of our impeccable service.